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Draft Orem City Resolution (to be addressed at 1/27 Council Meeting)

WHEREAS, English is the common language of Orem City, of its citizens, and of its surrounding communities; and

WHEREAS, many Orem residents speak native languages other than English, including some who speak Native American languages; and

WHEREAS, many thousands of Orem City residents are multilingual due to their participation in missionary work for their church, or due to extensive language instruction at Orem primary and secondary schools, and at colleges in Orem or elsewhere; and

WHEREAS, the multilingualism of Orem residents is a cultural and business resource to Orem and encourages international businesses to locate or expand here and assists Orem City companies in more easily growing in international markets; and

WHEREAS, multilingualism promotes greater cross-cultural understanding between different racial and ethnic groups in Orem City; and

WHEREAS, Orem was founded on a commitment to democratic principles, and not on racial or ethnic homogeneity, and has drawn strength from a diversity of languages and cultures and from a respect for individual liberties; and

WHEREAS, the Utah Legislature plans to consider legislation designating English as Utah's official language and prohibiting the state or its political subdivisions from (with several exceptions) conducting business or printing information in any language but English; and

WHEREAS, there is no threat to the status of English as the common language of Utah or Orem, and there has been no demonstrated need to designate any official language for Utah or adopt similar restrictionist legislation; and

WHEREAS, "English-only" measures, or proposals to designate English as the sole official language of Utah, would violate traditions of cultural pluralism, work to divide our community along ethnic lines, and restrict the City's options for communicating with its Citizens;


Orem City recognizes the importance of multilingualism to its community, citizens, and businesses, and opposes "English-only" legislation or similar restrictionist legislation.

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